Program Goals & Objectives

The overall programmatic goals are in accordance with the standards described by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, which state that the GPR residency will prepare the resident to:

Goal 1:

Provide care for a variety of patients including special needs and the medically compromised.


  1. The resident will be able to treat patients whose medical, physical, psychological, or social situations make it necessary to modify normal dental routines in order to provide dental treatment for that individual.
  2. The resident will gain a deeper understanding of general medicine and the relationship between systemic disease states and proposed dental treatment.
  3. The resident will become proficient in pain and anxiety control in the dental setting.

Goal 2:

Function effectively and efficiently in multiple health care environments within interdisciplinary health care teams in a hospital setting.


  1. The resident will learn the concept of hospital organization.
  2. The resident will become proficient in operating room protocol.
  3. The resident will interact with other hospital departments through consultation and while on various rotations.

Goal 3:

Increase knowledge and skill beyond the pre-doctoral level and enhance evidence-based decision making and foster lifelong learning into professional practice.


  1. The resident will utilize advanced knowledge in planning and executing their treatment plans.
  2. The resident will incorporate their knowledge of technology-based information in patient care.
  3. The resident will utilize their critical thinking and evidence based clinical decision making skills in patient care delivery.

Goal 4:

Understand the oral health needs of communities and engage in community service.


  1. The resident will be able to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate activities that address oral health needs in various populations.
  2. The resident will be able to promote the importance of daily oral care and maintenance.